Enjoy your yoga classes in English

Enter into a deep state of relaxation and release. Melt away your worries and create space in your body, mind and life.


Tuesday: 05:30PM

Thursday: 05:30PM

Teacher: Judith Viedma

Pre-booking before 12:00AM


With a maximum of 10 students enrolled in each course, this is an intimate learning environment, perfect for asking questions and relying on construction.

Hatha yoga is a system of practice that integrates breath and movement to release tension from our body and mind so that we can experience the flow of  creative energy. Regular practice promotes the body's innate vitality by increasing flexibility and range of motion, clearing toxins, and creating a feeling of relaxation.

Embark on your yoga journey in a nurturing and informative environment. No need to bring anything, just your bare feet, comfy and loose fitting clothing along with a willing attitude!

These classes will introduce you to the central postures of yoga, their names and correct alignment principles. You will the learn the breathing techniques while strengthening your body, increasing mobility, building your confidence and opening your mind. Expect to leave both energised and at ease in body and mind.

You have to make a previous reservation